Example: Eclipse is
reading 2:53 pm

Sunspotter example for eclipse sundial
1:43 pm EDT 2:33 pm 2:43 pm 2:53 pm 3:43 pm
Pause animation

(This edge faces Sunspotter Lens)

(Fold these instructions underneath.)

Eclipse Sundial August 21, 2017

43.000° N, 73.000° W

Max. coverage: 71%   Time of max. coverage: 2:43 pm EDT

schematic of sunspotter with eclipse sundial

Place Eclipse Sundial on Sunspotter viewing screen with the proper edge facing the lens. The center of sun's crescent will align with the time markings as the eclipse progresses. The sun must be positioned to the center of the circle to read correctly.

Designed by Bill Gottesman, member of the North American Sundial Society. This dial may be freely reproduced and distributed.   www.EclipseSundial.com